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“First to Fly, A True African-American Adventure”

“First to Fly, A True African-American Adventure”

Gregory V. Boulware

“A legacy of money cannot replace a heritage of dignity”

If there were advanced races in the galaxy…even by the standards of western writers, they would, at some point…destroy themselves – if the technological advancement far outweighed their own spiritual development and cultivation.

The primary of spirituality over technology is the key to comprehending how Africa accomplished what it did.

The knowledge resides in the womb of a rejected people and a (their) way of life.
Thus, Africa reminds us – “Man Know Thyself!”

History’s first successful flight is told with a blend of fiction and factual history, science, and fantasy in a highly spirited adventure. Richard Kigel’s “On The Wings Of The Wind – The untold story of history’s first flight” is brilliantly put to pen and paper. A masterful account of a collaboration of spirited ingenuity and perseverance – a triumph of the true human spirit as portrayed by the actions of an American African Slave and ancestor to the fourth African American Woman Astronaut. Josiah Brantley is the Great-Great- Great-Granddaddy of Dr. Sharon Brantley, a N.A.S.A. Scientist and Astronaut.

Josiah Brantley, a slave, flew to freedom from Virginia to Pennsylvania during the 18th century. We’ve been told many things about the past – most of which have proven to be false…just plain ole lies come to light over and over again. Remember the Wright Brothers – Wilbur and Orville? Forget about it…! The controlling factions of American and European society would have us believe everything they tell us is true – Black Africans didn’t do a damn thing in this world accept make more Black Africans. When the truth has been brought forth how man-woman and civilization is rooted deeply and ultimately in and from Africa.

“Ethiopian Bones called the oldest ancestor of man.”

The Egyptian Physician, artist and aero modeler, Dr. Khalil Messiha rediscovered a model glider or sailplane dating from the fourth or third century B.C. The glider, which is made of sycamore wood, looks remarkably futuristic and bares a close resemblance to the American Hercules Transport Aircraft which has a distinctive reverse dihedron wing (dihedron, Also called: dihedral angle the figure formed by two intersecting planes; the US name for corner; Compare anhedral the upward inclination of an aircraft wing in relation to the lateral axis) - The Saqqara Bird is a bird-shaped artifact made of sycamore wood, discovered during the 1898 excavation of the Pa-di-Imen tomb in Saqqara, Egypt. It has been dated to approximately 200 BCE, and is now housed in the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo. The Saqqara Bird has a wingspan of 180 mm (7.1 in) and weighs 39.12 g (1.380 oz).

Dr. Messiha who has made a study of bird figures, came across a (the) glider model in 1969 when he was looking through a box of bird models in one of the Cairo Museum’s store room(s). Albeit, people and civilization descended from Africa, Black folks weren’t the only conquered, subjected, and suppressed people of the world – Jews were put to the test as well – as were many Tribal Nations on various continents – the conquered seemed to incorporate, instigate, manipulate, and practice the way of the conqueror.

Ruth’s story – “Your Name is Renée” by Stacy Cretzmeyer, tells of a people who were subjected to horrific living conditions, livelihoods, and experiences of a disregarded group of human beings. The Nazis weren’t the only group of anti-semetics. Antisemitism (also spelled anti-semitism or anti-Semitism) is prejudice against or hostility towards Jews, often rooted in hatred of their ethnic background, culture, and/or religion. In its extreme form, it "attributes to the Jews an exceptional position among all other civilizations, defames them as an inferior group and denies their being part of the nation(s)" in which they reside. A person who practices antisemitism is called an "antisemite." The Jewish people, like the American Black Slave(s), were put to the knife – survive and persevere.

America and the world has always been rescued, salvaged, and resuscitated by people of color. One of the many world wars was saved/rescued by African Americans in a historic rendition by Mr. James McBride’s “Miracle at St. Anna.” Another of his works is a tribute to his mother (and family) – “The Color of Water.” The inspiring account of a vibrant and incredibly moving story of a feisty woman of the South via Brooklyn New York’s Red Hook Housing Projects. The daughter of a Rabbi and the McBride family matriarch, Ruth McBride Jordan said to her son, “Educate yourself or you’ll be a nobody!”

The true meaning of love, family, pride, and endurance is interwoven in these stories of history and an American experience – which once again provides a portrayal of the unshakable, undeniable, insistences, and determination of a people and a mothers’ love for her children – the children of GOD!

Manipulative, greedy, domineering, demonizing, and fearful groups of people would keep us all in the dark forever if they could – hating, killing, and destroying one another – while they clandestinely, convincingly, and continually scheme to control the lives and future of you and me…and the lives of our children. They would encourage the suppression of truth by insisting on their truth(s)…it’s in the paper, so it must be true! It’s been said, “as a child I did childish things…I thought and acted as a child – when I became an adult I put away childish things…I thought and acted as an adult.

“It’s not the things you know…it’s the things you know that just ain’t so!”

If you have a shred of doubt about your true heritage and the heritage of mankind – Black, White, Latino, etc. – find out for yourself! Henry “Box” Brown, with the help of Brother William Still and others, made up his mind to take the journey to freedom by mailing himself to Philadelphia. We’ve all heard of Sister Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad – I have had the privilege of revisiting and retelling of many of these old stories as a docent at one of the stops in Germantown-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Johnson House at Germantown Avenue and Washington Lane – one of many stops on the Underground Railroad.

“Black Firsts” – two thousand years of extraordinary achievement, by Dr. Jessie Carney Smith chronicles Black First endeavors such as the first Black Female Astronaut, Mae C. Jamison, along with many other Black Pioneers in all fields.

“The Black Book” by Middleton Harris compiles a journey of Black America…”between my top and my bottom, my right and my left, I hold what I have seen, and what I have thought. I am everything I have hated: labor without harvest; death without honor; life without land or law.”

“I was there when the angel drove out the ancestor. I was there when the waters consumed the mountains.”

“We don’t know that things can be done, that dreams can be fulfilled, that great accomplishments can be realized, until somebody takes that first step and shows the way.”

Take a look at the origin of mankind and the mother of civilization – ancestors, four million years of humanity and world civilizations – the Hebrew civilization…and then tell me who was the first to fly.

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